Website and portfolio for artist Markus Zimmermann.
Website for artist collective SUPERFILIALE (Markus Zimmermann & Markus Born).
Bookdesign and typeface for Vorausgesetzt. Kunst/Pädagogik und ihre Bedingungen by Nanna Lüth. Together with Elias Hanzer.
Visual identity including custom typefaces for F°LAB Festival for Performing Arts.
Poster and flyer for the symposium Gestaltung lehren. Together with Elias Hanzer.
Website and typeface for the german photo agency Ostkreuz. With and for Studio HelloMe.
Website and type treatment for the research group Mediated Time. With Projektgruppe UdK-Verlag.
Visual Identity for the three headed architects STUDIO LOES. Website together with Nick Reilly.
Exhibition catalogue for the first Berlin Art Prize. With and for Studio HelloMe.
Edition for the series Hay und Final by Mirka Laura Severa. With Robin Scholz.
Lookbook and artist edition for Ucon Acrobatics. With and for Studio HelloMe.
Website and identity for Ertl und Zull.
Philipp Lehr
Philipp Lehr